The Basics of Stone Care in Commercial Environments

Stone Cleaning Cycle

During the construction process a significant amount of money is invested in the installation of natural stone products and porcelain. In high value commercial properties, floors and countertops come in many types and require regular maintenance services, dedicated to preserving and maintaining the beauty of your unique stone surfaces like Travertine, Granite, Flagstone, Onyx, Terrazzo, Glass Tiles, Ceramic, Porcelain, Tile Grout and many others.

In many cases, a light cleaning is provided after the initial installation and the subsequent maintenance is turned over to in house staff or general janitorial instead of a certified specialist in Stone Care.

It is often the case that incorrect chemicals and equipment are used to maintain the highest value surface finishes in the building.

In order to fully realize the investment in these high value materials and extend their life for the longest possible time a “best practices” program should be implemented which takes into account:

  • Matching the correct chemicals to the surface
  • Utilizing the correct equipment
  • Establishing the appropriate schedule for maintenance


lobby floor 2In certain environments, a Daily Maintenance schedule is recommended if there are concerns about:

  • Stubborn solids and dull surfaces
  • Gloss reduction over time
  • Cleaners that damage and etch stone floors
  • Red wine, coffee, tea, juice stains on stone floors, tabletops, countertops and vanities

In all environments, an Interim Maintenance schedule is needed when:

  • Natural stone loses its luster
  • High traffic areas appear dull and worn
  • Light scratches are noticeable
  • Etch marks caused by acidic beverages are visible
  • Impact on the environment affects tenant or guest perception

At some point in time Restorative Maintenance is required when:

  • Natural stone no longer responds to interim maintenance procedures
  • Deep scratches and stains are extremely noticeable
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