Paragon Overview

Paragon Services, LLC originally founded as San Diego Services and operating in four different markets, is dedicated to providing top quality services with personal attention at a fair price. Taking the needs of our customers and shaping our business around them achieved this accomplishment. This philosophy of service puts our clients first always, and directs us to constantly improve our own capacity through the constant evaluation of our practices to the frequent education of our employees. Below is a brief overview of our operation that have made Paragon Services the leader in the industry.


The corner store of our operation is dedication to the establishment and maintenance of a clearly defined line of supervision that has a built-in oversight making sure all projects are completed properly and efficiently.

Security Clearance

Paragon Services’ high-tech and defense industries require security clearances for all building-related staff. We have an excellent track record of maintaining highly sensitive facilities and providing staff with security clearance up to a secret level.


We pride ourselves in having the best-qualified employees within the industry. To that end, we provide and encourage further education.

Preventive Maintenance

The best way to solve any problem is to make sure the problem never occurs. Our interpretation of service goes beyond its everyday definition to a spirit of advocacy whereby we are committed to seek out potential problems and address them before they become actualized.

Site Visits

Locations receives routine site visits, walk throughs and team meetings. Paragon Services understands the demand to manage and facilitate a property. We are confident in our abilities to provide trained and qualified staff and excellent staff.

Safety Programs

A key element to our success has been our steadfast commitment to safety and dedication to the most comprehensive training, which is both EPA and OSHA compliant. With all necessary precautions taken, Paragon Services can ensure a well-trained and consistent workforce dedicated to your account. Our training begins the very day a new employee is hired. Once at a property, the employee undergoes on-site training to learn the intricacies and potential dangers of the specific property.

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