Janitorial Services

  • Commercial Office Cleaning
  • Facility Occupant Surveys
  • Sustainable Facility Approach
  • Medical Facility Cleaning
  • O & M Budget Optimization
  • LEED Project Support
  • Clean Room Janitorial
  • Day Porter Services
  • Green Cleaning Policies
  • Specialty Environment Services
  • Full Life Cycle Support
  • Daylight Cleaning

Paragon’s Janitorial Services

Paragon Services provides comprehensive janitorial solutions covering commercial and retail cleaning services. Additional standard services include carpet cleaning with environmentally friendly chemicals and hard floor maintenance. Additionally, the periodic maintenance of marble or other natural stone can be handled by Paragon Services.

Floor Care Service

Paragon Services provides full-time on-site floor and carpet crews. When a customer’s site demands full-time floor care we provide the on-site labor and equipment needed to complete the task. Our specialized crews to efficiently and correctly clean floors and carpets for our customers, while our on-site janitorial staff remains focused on their tasks.

Construction Cleanup

Paragon Services will provide cleaning staff to prepare a facility for occupancy. We have extensive experience in cleaning carpets, sealing hard floor surfaces, detailing restrooms, detailing cafeterias, and providing general cleaning for office, conference, and common areas.

Pressure Washing

Paragon Services will provide pressure washing of exterior concrete walkways, entrances and walls. All waste will be managed according to the disposal and treatment of both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste stream requirements.


Paragon Services participates in recycling programs in every situation possible. As an obligation to our environment, we assist in removing cardboard, white paper, aluminum cans, plastics, glass and wet trash from the facilities we service. We also can recommend recycling plans and ideas, implement programs, and provide the proper containers required for your facility. Paragon Services understands the importance of properly separating these items and participating in programs to assist in keeping recycling costs acceptably lower to assist with environmental concerns.

Training Programs

Experience has taught us that understanding the dynamic of the contract site is critical in developing Best Practices and a training curriculum that addresses the overall service and safety requirements as set forth in the RFP.

Our training programs are designed to be site specific and interactive and are provided in English/Spanish depending on the needs of the trainee.

LEED Green Housekeeping Policy

Paragon Services intends to clean the buildings using cleaning products and practices that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment. Paragon Services will also meet their needs for a cost-effective and quality cleaning process, with a goal of providing a more sustainable approach to cleaning and janitorial maintenance.

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